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Private Mortgages help those clients who typically do not fit in the box for traditional mortgage lending. For the mortgage clients who are credit challenged and do not qualify at a regular lending institution, Nova Mortgage Brokers can provide more creative financing either from an alternative lending institution or from private mortgage funds.

Private Mortgages are usually a short term solution as our goal is to get you back to mainstream financing. After a year of on time payments, we can look at refinancing you conventionally with favourable rates.

If your lending situation is unique, please contact one of Nova Mortgage Brokers today as each individual’s situation is different.


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If you have available funds that you are interested in investing, please contact us to receive information about Private Mortgage Lending.

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October 25th, 2021

TermNova Posted
VRM1.35Prime 2.45
1 year2.542.79
2 year2.242.94
3 year1.843.49
4 year1.993.74
5 year1.994.79
7 year2.545.35


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